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Vertiv Liebert EXS GXT5-5000IRT5UXLE UPS

In addition to its 2-year warranty, the Vertiv Liebert GXT5-5000IRT5UXLE UPS offers seamless warranty support. Our dedicated service team is committed to ensuring your peace of mind.
If you encounter any issues during the warranty period, our experts are ready to assist you effortlessly. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re here to make sure your UPS functions optimally, providing reliable power protection for your valuable equipment.

AED 6,400.00


Description of Vertiv Liebert GXT5-5000IRT5UXLE UPS

Introducing you the powerful Vertiv Liebert GXT5-5000IRT5UXLE UPS. Best solution for seamless and reliable power backup. Explore Al Zajed Tech for more.

Certainly! With the Vertiv Liebert EXS GXT5-5000IRT5UXLE UPS, you may have a smart power backup system that will keep your crucial devices operating without interruption. This UPS intervenes to safeguard your equipment in the event of unanticipated power problems such as blackouts, voltage fluctuations, or surges. It serves as a sort of safety net for your gadgets, keeping them charged and protected from electrical issues.

The GXT5-5000IRT5UXLE UPS is a user-friendly option with to features including parallel operation for increased durability, built-in batteries for simple setup, and compatibility with environmental sensors. In order to maximize the use of its battery power, it also has programmable outlets and is energy-efficient. In a nutshell, it’s a trustworthy friend for avoiding hiccups and making sure your devices always have the power they require.


Key features include:

  • Parallel operation (10kVA)
  • Built-in batteries, easy setup and long time backup
  • Advanced RDU101 SNMP/webcard
  • Works with sensors
  • Easy and understandable User-defined settings
  • Works with Power Insight, Vertiv Intelligence
  • Energy-efficient (Energy Star® 2.0)
  • Programmable outlets for better battery use


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Supplier: Al Zajed Technologies llc, Dubai, UAE

Ensure the safety and reliability of your critical equipment with the product. Experience peace of mind knowing that your systems are protected from power disruptions and benefiting from the advanced features of this cutting-edge power solution. These are best vertiv UPS in dubai,Cheapest vertiv UPS in Dubai, Vertiv UPS prices in dubai, Vertiv Liebert EXS GXT5-5000IRT5UXLE UPS



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Brand Vertiv
Modal GXT5-3000IRT2UXLE
Output power capacity 5000 VA|5000 W
Output Voltage 230V
Efficiency 94%
Battery capacity 9 Ah
Product colour Black
Display LCD
Width 430 mm
Depth 630mm
Weight 70.8KG

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