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World’s most valuable resource is no longer oil but data

Currently organizations across the world are facing data breaches on a regular basis. Organizations worldwide are grappling with frequent data breaches, with 26% of companies encountering data losses or breaches in 2020 alone. Recent instances involving well-known names like Dominos India, AIR India, Unacademy, and Bigbasket highlight the seriousness of the issue which need data backup and recovery solutions. It’s crucial to understand that ensuring the security of your data isn’t just a choice anymore – it’s a top priority that cannot be ignored.

Why Data Loss and Breaches Occur? Unveiling the Reasons:

  • Ransomware/Virus Attacks: Computers can fall victim to harmful ransomware and virus attacks that can compromise data integrity and accessibility.
  • HDD / SSD Ageing/Crash: As hard drives or solid-state drives age, they become more prone to crashes and failures, potentially leading to data loss.
  • Accidental Data Deletion: Mistakenly deleting important data without proper backup measures can result in permanent loss.
  • Malicious Data Deletion: Deliberate deletion of data by malicious actors can disrupt operations and compromise critical information.
  • Hackers, Data Stealing: Cybercriminals can infiltrate systems, stealing sensitive data and causing irreparable damage.
  • Natural Disasters: Events like earthquakes, floods, or fires can destroy physical hardware and data centers, leading to data loss.
  • Lack of End-User/Edge Data Protection: Neglecting to secure data at the user’s end leaves it vulnerable to breaches and losses.
  • Unprofessional Backups: Inadequate or improperly managed backup systems can result in incomplete or unusable data recovery processes.


Introducing you DSAFE: Best data backup and recovery solutions

Introducing DSAFE: Your shield in the modern data landscape! In a world of diverse work settings, DSAFE stands as your ultimate enterprise backup solution, securing your data with precision.

Choose DSAFE for unrivaled data protection. Adaptable to any environment, DSAFE is the pinnacle of security for businesses embracing the digital age. Trust DSAFE – your data’s safeguard.

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