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HP Sure Sense anti malware antivirus software

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Introducing HP SURE SENSE, Antivirus Models in HP

HP Sure Sense uses deep learning artificial intelligence models to detect malicious files and prevent malware, zero-day,
ransomware, and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks from harming your computer.

HP Sure Sense uses the following components:

  • Prediction Model: A lightweight deep learning prediction model. It autonomously detects cyber threats
    and enables zero-day and APT protection.
  • File reputation Cloud Services: A cloud-based database of information on known files that adds a
    second layer of classifications. When this option is enabled, the hash for PE (Portable Executable) files is sent to the file reputation services in the cloud.
  • Content Delivery Network: A system that distributes the latest prediction model and software updates
    for Sure Sense.

Malware prevention

Sure Sense scanned and analyzed all files saved in your local drives of the computer are automatically. When a file is
identified and analyzed as malicious, the following actions occur:

  • The file is blocked and after that quarantined.
  • An alert will show and appear on notification bar that this malware is detected. Detail information will be shown when you click on alert notification mentioned.

Can we restore deleted files?

Yes, of Course you can restore your files or delete them permanently.

Here is the complete procedure how you can restore deleted content;

  • Go to theĀ Quarantine Page
  • Select the files that you want to restore
  • Select from the option to restore or delete the files.

Uninstalling or Updating Sure Sense

If you want to update the current version of Sure Sense, you must first remove the current version.

HP Sure Sense was installed manually:
Run the installer, and select Uninstall.

HP Sure Sense was preinstalled on your device:

  • Open Window’s Settings, go to Apps & features.
  • Uninstall the Sure Sense Installer.

You can check official Documentation on HP Site Also: USER GUIDE HP SURE SENSE


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